Sandra Ellis Bio
Sandra has been a full-time professor at St. Clair College since 1993 in the Engineering Technologies
Department teaching Architectural Drafting and Illustration, Interior Design Studios and Art History. She
has taught Design at the Haliburton School of the arts, as well as Art guest speaker for the Greater Essex
County School Board. Guest artist at the Art Gallery of Windsor for Saturdays in the Studio.
The love of nature is expressed in most of her work, but she also produces many pieces in architecture.
The mediums she plays with are watercolour, acrylic, chalk, pen and ink as well as printmaking.
Teaching and learning about art have been a large part of her travelling experiences, and close to home
she is very involved in the local community through arts and design. A member of Windsor & Essex
County Plein Air Artists, Leamington Arts Centre, Art Gallery of Windsor and Art Society of Kingsville,
past Board Member of the Windsor Printmakers Forum.
You can usually find Sandra in her home studio, that is her happy place.