Following a successful business career, and now in a retirement mode, I have returned to my love of photography, fully embracing the current digital photographic phenomenon.  If I have one outstanding goal in mind as I look for subjects to photograph, it is to render a photo that will show a very ordinary subject, in such a way, that it brings a fresh image to the mind of the viewer.  Using the wonderful tools/settings in the new electronic digital camera, along with photo software techniques, I can now manage to 'develop' my photo images, to emphasize certain aspects of lighting, colour, and/or composition to bring this ‘freshness’ to the viewer's attention.


In order to have the greatest array of tools possible for my quest to show unique aspects of ordinary things, and to capture them in a medium where others can visualize them more easily, I have also added the printing of photographs to my 'digital darkroom' techniques, allowing me the fullest control possible on every aspect of the photographic experience.  Using a top brand colour printer, married with a selection of high quality photography paper, thus ensures that my photographic print will retain its lustre and colour for many decades.


I have the great honour and experience of selling photos to people who do enjoy seeing an “ordinary thing” in a new light, or in a very special way.





Tel:  519-733-9552