As I look back on the years, I’ve been involved in my art for all of it except for the first 3 years.

Back when I was 4, I vividly remember sitting on my Dad’s lap with my little hand cradled in his as we “both” drew a squirrel on a tree branch. This was the spark that ignited my love of art. Now at age 66, I have the confidence I yearned for in the passing years. My dad continued tutoring me for a few years then, at age 6, told me that I was on my own (more or less) and if I carried it on that would be entirely up to me. And off I went.

Today, I paint in watercolour wash, in a large format on 300 lb. cold press watercolour paper. I enjoy painting a multitude of subject matter but the style for each remains much the same. Having grown up in Halifax, Nova Scotia, I have a soft spot for water subjects. The general composition of my work is typically in thirds. You will see from my work I have a fascination with expansive foregrounds. I love how it slowly draws the viewer in. Another consistency you’ll recognize is I finish every painting with a spattering of colours. I found that this takes the edge off paintings and loosens it up. It also allows me to lay other colours into the work that were not used in the palette.

I am wholely self-taught. Although through the years I’ve been exposed to keen critiques from a number of creative friends who helped me hone my skills. I’ve exhibited in a few galleries and travelled Southwestern Ontario building awareness at art fairs. I enjoy art history, dropping into galleries, associating socially with creative types, and simply discussing art. I often invite discussions of my work as I’m curious as to what the viewing public sees that they love in my work.