Dennis White
I certainly look at art as a gift. For the most part, through trial, error and a great deal of practice I am self taught. I began my art career at the age of 28. I always enjoyed art but had no idea that I could do it. I have been fortunate enough to make a living at it. I currently have a contract with Pet Valu in which my son Dylan and I paint all of their dog wash murals across Canada. We have completed close to 500 murals to date. To meet the obligations of the contract, we sometimes need to paint things that are unfamiliar, not in our comfort zone etc. It forces us to try things we wouldn’t normally do. As a result through sometimes difficult work we have become better artists and more comfortable at trying new things. I find art to be a pure joy, not only to create but to appreciate it in all its forms. I feel truly blessed!
In 2011 I did a joint project with a fellow local artist Stephen Gibb. In Pursuit of the Golden Key was a treasure hunt book, a history lesson and a conundrum when solved rewarded the person with a $10,000 reward, a pure gold key and a knowledge of the war of 1812. I wrote the book, Steve and I shared the art and Steve designed the key. The key was donated by Precision Jewellers of Amherstburg. Steve is a surrealist and really helped me to work outside of my comfort zone. We sold books online all over the world. It took 6 years to solve the hunt. It was solved by a family in Essex.