Denise Antaya was born in Windsor, Ontario in 1959. She has been an artist for as long as she can remember. She had her first serious art show when she was 14 and hasn’t stopped painting since. After a 31 year career in Advertising Denise decided it was time to focus on painting landscapes full time. She attended the Academy of Realist Art in Toronto for 3 years and attended various Plein Air workshops.


The everyday themes in Denise Antaya’s oil paintings combine her love of nature and her fascination with light and how it transforms an often overlooked scene. With her fearless approach to composition, Denise pushes Realism to just the right balance of detail and poetry. Her subjects range from season to season but almost always represent the natural environment untouched by man. She has the ability to capture a moment, and even transport one back to a quieter, simpler time.


She has many influences, from the Hudson River School Painters to modern day masters such as Marc Hanson, Joseph McGurl and Donald Jurney. Rural scenes, that are wild, overgrown and serene are her subjects.


ArtMuse judge Colin Page’s comment on “The Hideaway”: “Landscapes are challenging to paint, and even more difficult when this level of detail is involved. The artist does a great job of using a warm palette to unify a complicated and busy scene. These warm colours give the image a glowing effect. I’m also enjoying the variety of edges and looseness of touch, even at this level of rendering the brush seems to play on the canvas.”


With over 40 exhibitions across Canada and the United States, her paintings have earned 10 awards, and for the second year in a row two of Denise’s paintings were finalists in the ARC (Art Renewal Centre) Salon Competition. She was awarded best landscape in the 12th Annual IGOR Competition (International Guild of Realism). In 2017 she earned an ARC Associate Living Master designation and is working towards her Living Master designation.