Carolyn Hardy is an old soul in a young body. With a vibrant personality and a heart full of kindness, she was born to her loving parents, Ed and Kathy, in the early 90’s. She grew up on the water and has been immersed in nature ever since.

Carolyn was born with a natural gift and enjoyment of the arts. She began creating at a young age and continues to do so for the love of it. When she was a child she would often sit and watch her mother paint. She became inspired and a zest of life encapsulated her. She continually strives to improve upon her abilities. Each painting is an enjoyable game, and she is thankful to have a hobby that encourages thought and growth as an individual.

The world is a canvas to Carolyn. She uses many up-cycled materials. Some she rescues prior to its arrival in a refuge bin. There is a certain satisfaction that comes from saving an object from it’s doom and breathing into it new life. It is also a benefit for the earth (as well as the pocket book.) 

There are many re-occurring themes in Carolyn’s work, love, re-birth, ghosts, magic, as well as a range of others, as wide as the emotional rainbow. Carolyn has a unique style, it is very easy to pick out a Carolyn Hardy piece in a wall of paintings. This comes from years of being self-taught with an unwavering alliance to her individualism. Her style falls under the surrealist category of art, a style most famously found in the 1920’s, with the most recognizable artists being Salvador Dali and Pablo Piccaso.

Carolyn is a commissioned artist and is often called for personal work. She has created many tattoo designs, logos, and creates unique hand made signs for local businesses. She has worked for Dance Adventures in Kingsville, created the sign and logo for The Mischief of Kingsville, created and designed the sign for Our first Acre Organic Farm, and designed the Merlis’ logo as well as murals on the walls and ceiling in the cafe.

Carolyn works extensively with Merlis’ Coffeehouse and Eatery in Kingsville and in their endeavors to support local art. Merlis’ allows anyone to put their art for sale on their walls with no commission taken for profit. Ten percent is taken from art sales to support culture days which is an art festival in small towns across Ontario. Carolyn was Merlis’ first wall artist, designed their logo, painted the interior murals, and does the chalkboard art. Carolyn has sold many paintings and continues to do so in this location since the opening day in 2013.