Candace began her interest in water colour painting for two reasons. One is that she had time to try it out after she retired and the second is that she was inspired to stick with it through courses given by George Alles, a local water colourist. She is very grateful for her start under George's instruction. He is very sequential in the steps he has his students undertake, enriching the student experience through simple, hands-on steps, frequent demonstration of paint techniques, and the sharing many samples of excellent water colour works found in books he personally owns or borrows from the local library. He regularly offers lessons here in Kingsville and in Amherstburg.

Candace attempts to paint images from photos she has taken or from screenshots of pictures found on the internet. She particularly likes the quality of transparency with just the right amount of pigment and water on the brush. Her interest in painting has become more earnest through weekly sessions with others. What a great experience to try to capture light and shadow with a brush and dab of paint.