I am often asked, how long I have been painting? Well, I can’t remember not painting.

When I was very young my father would do paint by numbers and I would take his leftover oils and make my own paintings. It’s what I’ve always done. It’s part of me. As I grew up, I was always working on an art project of some sort. I dabbled in all mediums and found I’m most comfortable with acrylic.

I love nature and enjoy touching the sky with my brush, creating light dancing on a leaf, feeling the canvas come alive with color and texture. I enjoy realism and recently have been excited about dotilism. All art amazes me!

I could say I’m self taught, but it is nature, and great Canadian artist like Glen Loates, Robert Bateman, Emily Carr, and Christine Marshall and so many fellow artists that have taught me through their inspiration.

Art is as natural as breathing and I am grateful.